Our Church Community

Our church many different activities for different generations and age groups with in the church. Some of these are listed below for your information.

Sunday School:

Before the morning service, from 9.00am to 10.00am, Sunday
School is held at the church for children aged 4 years and up, during the school


The word “catechism” refers to a question and answer statement of faith. Many catechisms have been written for the purpose of teaching young people about the Bible. Young people begin these classes when they complete Sunday school, usually around the age of eleven.

A junior and intermediate classes meet before church at the same time as Sunday School.

Senior class meets at on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm. For students aged 16 years and over.

Youth Group:

Young people, aged 15 and over, meet occasionally for outings or activities.

Cadets and Gems:

Cadets and Gems is a childrens programme for age 8-15 years. We meet at the church every fortnight on Thursday evening during the school term from 6.50-9pm.

Ladies Bible study:

Meets fortnightly on the alternate Tuesdays to the evening Bible Studies, during the school terms.
Beginning with morning tea at 9.00am in the hall, followed by Bible Study from 10.00am to 11.00am.
A crèche is held for the children.

Home Bible studies:

There are several Bible Study groups that meet in various locations, fortnightly on Tuesday evenings. Venues and times are advertised in the weekly bulletin.

Men’s breakfast:

This is held at the church on a Saturday morning from 7.30 to 9 am. A few of the men cook up a sustaining and healthy (!?) feed of bacon and eggs, hash browns, toast, fried tomatoes and more! After consuming that we have a discussion on a practical biblical subject relating to men.

Seminar series:

As a church we usually begin the year with a seminar series on a biblical, theological or practical topic. These are held on Tuesday evenings during the first term of the school year.

Tauranga Bible Study Group:

A small group of people meet for a fortnightly Bible Study on a Thursday evening in each other’s homes. If this grows the supervising sessions of Hamilton and Pukekohe may consider starting a church service on Sundays some time in the future.
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